Cappai e Mainardis, Hotel Serra Ivrea

Another post about Ivrea. When a forward thinking typewriter company builds a hotel/ cinema/ swimmingpool complex that actually looks like a typewriter it is sure worth a post about it’s form. In 1971 the visionary Camillo Olivetti commissioned the young venetian architects Iginio Cappai and Pietro Mainardis to build yet another social housing complex in […]

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Carlo Mollino, Slittovia di Lago Nero

Carlo Mollino built this ski lift which negotiates between traditional construction and a dynamic expressionism near Cervinia IT in 1947. As one of the “bonvivants” of italian architecture Mollino (who also was a designer, a writer, a photographer and a successfull ski and car racer) was fond about everything related to speed. He designed a wooden […]

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John Hejduk, IBA Social Housing Berlin

John Hejduk tied together two very specific 1988 social housing typologies to a strong bond conglomerate of volumes by adding the simplistic yet characteristic balcony and window shade elements made of green painted steelsheets. Identity as a priceless good – created not with decoration but with formal power of functional elements rethought. What Hejduk achieved here is […]

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Peter Eisenman, Houses

In it’s strongly conceptual series of houses (1960 – 1978) Peter Eisenman worked on a rule-based approach of layering different sets of meaning to generate a specific and non-random complexity. He understood the built house as a record of the design process rather then a “tailer-made object”. With it’s strong believe in the self-containing nature of architecture he […]

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